Mihkel Eller, founder of CrystalShine OÜ

We like to travel with carrying only hand luggage because we want to be 100% times together with our luggage at the same time at our destination. If your luggage has never been lost while flying, you are a lucky person. Unfortunately, we have lost our luggage to be delivered repeatedly.

To avoid this situation, we were looking for suitable hand luggage from different shops in Estonia that would fit as much stuff as possible in the luggage, while being outside maximum size allowed and as light as possible. The most suitable size for hand luggage when flying from Estonia is 55x40x20cm as this size is suitable for hand luggage such as AirBaltic, Aeroflot, Easyjet, Finnair, Norwegian, Lufthansa, SAS, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair and 40 other airlines. In this size, hand luggage was available in Estonia but the products were all luggage in the weight range of 2.5-4.5kg. AirBaltic and many other airlines are allowed to carry 8kg of hand luggage and we did not want to sacrifice more than 30% of that weight for unladen luggage. In addition the 34L luggage capacity seemed to be small for traveling only with hand luggage.

We took a look at luggage shopping outside of Estonia and found a luggage company in the UK called Cabin Max. Their product range was mostly not hard cased luggage but 55x40x20cm backpacks. We liked this solution because the backpack weight began at 660g and had a capacity of 44L, which is 10L more than most hard case hand luggage. In addition, the Cabin Max product range also includes wheeled luggage that can be turned into a backpack in 10 seconds, even when you walk and hit a cobblestone road.

Since we could not buy this type of luggage in Estonia, we became in year 2012 the only official importer and distributor of Cabin Max brand in Estonia.