We are different from all other luggage companies because we are convinced that the hard luggage case as hand luggage is a thing of the past. The future is in the luggage of soft material. Why?

· Weight - Cabin Max hand luggage weighs begins with only 660g, which is at least 4 times lighter than a medium-hard case. With a hand baggage allowance of 8 kg, would you like to sacrifice 30% - 50% of your baggage?


· Capacity - The fabric of the bag is soft and thinner than the case design, while being durable and waterproof. Thanks to the material, you have much more space to carry with you. The soft material bag can be slightly repackaged and retracted to the appropriate size after the straps on the sides of the bag.


· Multifunctionality - In addition to air travel, Cabin Max backpacks can be used for everyday activities such as grocery shopping, workouts, shorter or longer car trips, boat trips, and more. In addition, our product range includes wheeled luggage bags that can be turned into a backpack in 10 seconds. The comfort of the rucksack is maintained and, if necessary, the possibility of using the luggage as a trolly is also possible. Look here


· Freedom - The backpack leaves both hands free. Often, there are situations at the airport where there is a shortage of hands, a suitcase in one hand, holding a child in the other hand, tickets, documents, personal belongings, meals, drinks. A rucksack will certainly allow you to travel through the airport all the documentary checks and ticket screenings much more comfortably and faster.


· Storage Size - Most luggage is left unused in the closet for 11 months a year. If you are not using luggage then the soft material luggage will not take up 10% of the space you need for a hard-luggage case to store.

Here are two key selling arguments for hardcover luggage.

· Wheels make carrying a suitcase comfortable. Possible, but not always. With Cabin Wheel Baggage, you can decide whether to use the bag as a carry-on trolley bag or as a backpack. And that's still at least 1 kg lighter than regular luggage with hard covers.


· Your belongings are better protected from impact in the suitcase. You usually carry your hand luggage and you place and remove your luggage on the luggage rack in the aircraft. No one but you can damage your cabin baggage.