11 tips to make your flight more comfortable

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The most troublesome part of a holiday trip is flying - which is probably what most people think. Fortunately, there are a number of small tricks to help alleviate this concern.

1. Set yourself on a short line. Since most people are right-handed, we are also intuitively inclined to the right at security screening at the airport. Therefore, there are longer queues there. Be smarter and favor left-hand queues - you can practically always get control faster.

2. Find the best seating position. Doing a check-in will give you the opportunity to choose your seat. Even if you have to pay for it, this small expense is usually reasonable. Enter your flight information here to find out the best seats available for this particular aircraft. With justifications and warnings!

3. Come with your bottle. When you're thirsty on an airplane, you don't have to wait for a flight attendant and buy expensive water. Take your water with you. With a full bottle of water, you can't pass the security check, but with an empty one you can. Fill the water bottle in the toilet with tap water and you are ready to go.

4. Eliminate boredom while sleeping. Easy to say but hard to do isn't it! Falling asleep on an airplane is much easier if you get tired properly before flying. A workout is perfect for this. Take a training in the gym before the flight and it is much easier to fall asleep on a plane later.

5. Bring a scarf. Whether it's summer or winter, the scarf is almost always good to have on an airplane. You cannot adjust the cabin temperature yourself. If it's cool on the plane, you can take over the scarf. If you have no temperature problems, you can use the scarf as a pillow instead.

6. Enjoy foot massage. If you bring two golf balls, you can roll them under the soles of your feet during the flight. Who wouldn't like a free massage! It also has a good effect on blood circulation.

7. Feel clean. Always bring wet towels with you on the flight. You do not want to know how many germs are found on aircraft armrests, buttons and door handles! Disinfectant wipes help prevent disease, but are also useful, for example, after eating muffins or the like.

8. Avoid turbulence. If you know that turbulence is making you uncomfortable, prefer morning flights. There is usually more turbulence in the afternoons and evenings. Since the plane is like a swing - less shakes in the middle than at the ends - you should also choose a seat near the wing.

9. Bring your own battery bank! Not all aircraft have sockets. And there is no more unpleasant surprise than a low-battery phone or ipad, even though they were planning to watch a video or listen to a podcast. With the battery bank, you have your electricity with you everywhere.

10. Wear glasses. Of course if you need wearing glasses. Lenses quickly become uncomfortable on dry airplanes air.

11. Come with your own snacks. It's not so much about quenching hunger. Eating on an airplane is more like a pastime. The healthier snacks you carry, the more grateful your body will be. After all, the money will remain and you will probably be in a better mood with your stomach.

Have fun!

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