Ryanair new hand luggage rules

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From 01.11.2018 Ryanair has new hand luggage rules. With previous normal size 55x40x20cm hand luggage (what used to be free of charge) you can't enter the plane anymore. All bags over 40x25x20 (20 Litres) receive some sort of charge or require some sort of ticket upgrade in order to be taken on board the aircraft.


In a nutshell:

  • Ryanair has traditionally allowed passengers to take 2 items of hand luggage on board for free – one large 55x40x20cm bag and one smaller 35x20x20cm underseat bag. Recently, the larger bag has had to be placed in the aircraft hold free of charge if the passenger didn’t purchase priority boarding.
  • From November 1st 2018 Ryanair will start charging passengers to place their larger cabin bag in the hold. Charges will start at £8 and potentially rise to £25 if the passenger turns up at the gate with a larger carry on bag that they haven’t booked on to the flight.
  • Passengers who purchase priority boarding at a cost of £6-8 per flight will still be able to bring a traditional larger carry on bag on board the aircraft. However, the amount of people who can purchase priority boarding will be capped at 95 per flight meaning that half of the flight will be potentially affected by the new charges.
  • As part of the changes the permitted size of the smaller underseat bag rises from 35x20x20cm to 40x25x20cm. This size of bag is the largest you can take on the flight without paying excess fees.
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