Pack like a pro! Practical tips from travel consultants.

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If anyone knows how to pack luggage, then these are travel consultants. As a rule, they travel a lot, under all conditions, and often hear customer experiences from which to make observations. What tricks do they use when packing?

Buy luggage scale and pack it in a suitcase

A tiny digital luggage scale costs around 20€, but at the airport you have to pay several times more for every kilo you exceed. Take it as a small business investment that can save you money and also relieve a lot of stress. Because let's face it, if you've ever tried balancing a suitcase on your sauna weight in your lifetime, guessing about that weight, repacking your luggage in front of the check-in counter or check in your luggage for money, you can appreciate the freedom to never do it again.

Bikini, toothbrush and face cream pack in handbag

Luggage lost during transfers is not uncommon. The scenario where you find yourself on a palm island, wearing winter clothes and carrying only a handbag is not at all utopian. Luggage is rarely lost forever, but when the suitcase arrives a few days later, there is nothing unexpected. So pack consciously! If you're going from a cold climate to a warm climate, put a bikini and slippers in your handbag. If you have an official event ahead of you, dress up already on the plane. If you need some medicine on a regular basis, but it to hand luggage. Better safe than sorry!

Make a list of things to get along

Lists are not for nerds! They save time and nerves. If you travel frequently, you all ready know what are must-have things, without your luggage will not be complete. However, if you travel less often you don't have this habit. We advise you to make a note a few days before your trip of the items you use on a daily basis and without which you would not feel comfortable traveling. Most often people forget to bring a toothbrush (not taken from the cup in the morning), a mobile charger (just don't remember) and sunglasses (they are so rarely used in Estonia that you even know where they are right now?).

NB! The list is of little use if you do not use it. So before you go, check your luggage for it - did it all get along?

Clothes roll up, socks put on shoes

There are many luggage packing tutorials on the Internet. Some of them are right, some may be controversial, but the advice to roll your clothes is pure gold. Roll-up clothes are stable in the luggage and won't move around so they won't wrinkle so easily! All you have to do is make sure they stay as smooth as possible when you roll the roll. The recommendation to put socks on your shoes is also right for two reasons - firstly you save space and secondly you keep your shoes in shape.

Put a couple of clean plastic bags in your luggage

Many countries around the world have begun to limit the number of free plastic bags available, and this is of course welcome from an environmental point of view. When luggage is packed, a plastic bag or other sealable bag is an indispensable assistant. You'll need it later to separate the dirty clothes from the clean clothes or shoes from the rest of your luggage. When you travel, you will return from your trip always with more things you had when going there, so putting a few plastic bags in your luggage is often helpful.

Put heavy things in the bottom of your luggage

At airports you have to travel quite a long distance with your luggage upright, and weight distribution is important. The rules of physics say that the lower the center of gravity, the more stable the object and the easier it is to maneuver with luggage. Heavier things should be located at the bottom of the luggage! This is also important for breakage - when heavy things are down and light ones are up, there is a minimal risk of anything being crushed.

Check the airline's baggage regulations

Each airline has different rules, even very frequent passengers check the size, weight and number of units allowed on board before the flight. We advise you not to forget this too!

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